Your consultation includes a full Osteopathic assessment, treatment and management program. At MOSIP we have developed a large referral base of specialists and other complementary services to be called upon when required. This referral base is constantly updated and maintained.

Treatment and management consist of:

  • Full case history
  • Physical examination
  • Accurate diagnosis of your condition
  • Treatment plan and explanation
  • Rehabilitation and exercise program
  • Referral for further investigation, if necessary
  • Outcome assessment

All the practitioners at MOSIP me:

  • Registered to treat veteran affairs patients on referral from GP
  • Registered with Allied Health and can be covered by Medicare in association with the EPC program
  • Registered providers with all private health companies
  • Registered for the treatment of Wor1cCover and TAC patients
  • Registered with the Australian Osteopathic Association


Fee Structure

Initial and standard consultations: $85 duration 30.00 mins

We offer concession rates for pensioners and children/students

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