Bruxism (grinding teeth)

Many people grind their teeth at night or clench their jaw when they are concentrating or under stress. In children, night grinding may be the result of pressure in the head or face from retained birth compression.

Common Symptoms :
(Tension, tenderness and irritability in the muscles of the face, head and neck.)


How Can Osteopathic Treatment Help? 

It may seem after reading this that any dental treatment should be avoided! This is not the case, and much dental work is skillfully performed with the minimum of stress to the mechanics of the face. However, it does highlight the very important connection between stresses resulting from dental treatment, and the types of problems that osteopaths see. The wide subject of facial mechanics is a fascinating one which is often relevant to the patients presenting symptoms. Many of the above problems can be successfully treated osteopathically. Obviously if there is a dental problem that is consistently aggravating and causing stress, it is important to have this dealt with by a dentist. Osteopathic techniques used to treat strains within the face are very gentle.